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Case Study: The cost-effective alternatives to weekly floral displays

For many, the weekly delivery of corporate floristry is the vibrant centre-piece that helps create the vital impression on visitors and employees alike but are you interested in getting more for your money?

Beautiful Savings

Did you know that for the typical cost of a weekly delivery of floristry, Premier Planters could supply 4 magnificent orchid bowls containing premium live Phalaenopsis Orchids? That includes delivery, installation and free replacements to ensure they are always looking their best.

Orchids always attract admiration but there are even more cost-effective ways to create stunning displays. Our Guzmania displays for example, are an exceptional solution where colour is required. Combined with a beautiful bowl or planter, the effects that can be created with single or multi-coloured schemes are amazing – and cost surprisingly little on our comprehensive rental with maintenance program.

Imaginative alternatives

Browse some of the other options in the slider above – this gives some clue as to the diversity of effects that can be achieved by combining state-of-art planters with carefully considered planting.

Perhaps even more surprising is that for the cost of a weekly delivery of floristry, Premier Planters could design, install and maintain 15 x full-height floor-standing plants in a mid-range planter.

What next?

Contact a project consultant today – we’ll visit you to discuss your requirements and then provide you with a no-obligation design proposal tailored to your needs.

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