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Horticultural advances have enabled many species of live tropical plants to grow without the use of soil or peat. Instead, they are introduced to expanded clay granules and receive nutrition from a regular supply of specially formulated folia feed.

Premier Planters, exclusive providers of ecoroot, use this advanced system to reduce the volume of compost excavated from our valuable peatlands which are a natural carbon storage facility.

As well as being environmentally responsible by preserving fossil fuels, natural carbon storage and the ozone layer, ecoroot planting has proved itself to be perfect for hygiene-sensitive environments such as hospitals, laboratories and eating areas due to the absence of soil and potential compost-borne diseases and pests.

Cutaway image revealing soilless growing medium and aerated root structure

Not only that, the aerated root structure provides more congenial conditions for growth which in turn cleanses more toxins from the air and produces more oxygen.

Ecoroot in the office

Ecoroot has been a huge success with organisations that are looking for ways to advance their environmental contribution, or underline their ISO14001 accreditation.

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