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You probably already know about the proven advantages of office plants and, for any organisation serious about their corporate image and working environment, planting is an essential element of workspace design. Good managers realise that investment in their working environment will result in increased productivity, workforce motivation and ultimately business growth.

Permeating the workspace atmosphere of customers every day, our Plants at Work impress clients and inspire staff by injecting life, vitality and prestige.

Scientific research has proved that well-maintained live planting in offices leads to increased staff enthusiasm and reduced absenteeism but it's not only psychological advantages that plants bring:

  • Live plants significantly improve air quality by generating oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide by photosynthesis.
  • They humidify and cleanse the atmosphere by removing dust and airborne pollutants.
  • They are an effective means of combating adverse effects of air conditioning

As well as the undeniable visual and physical benefits, plants can also be used for a range of practical solutions:

  • distinguishing a route or entrance-way
  • creating a live focal point from a "dead corner"
  • covering a visually unattractive feature
  • providing a privacy or acoustic screen.

Indoor Plants Surrey & Sussex

Although our services are concentrated in London, Surrey and Sussex, organisations with other locations across the UK enjoy the same exceptional experience through our carefully selected team of Approved Service Centres.

Whether your premises are a state-of-the-art skyscraper or a picturesque rural building, we design for all styles of environment - our creative team excel in developing solutions for even the most demanding of criteria!

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Plants cost the earth?

Customers often express surprise at the minimal investment required to make a dramatic difference.

Few workplace enhancements can match the cost-effectiveness and impact of our carefully designed, corporate interior landscaping.

Our increasingly recommended Live Plant Rental and Maintenance Plan requires no capital outlay and there are no extra costs for delivery, installation or ongoing maintenance.


Just as important as achieving the perfect design is our comprehensive Maintenance Plan that will ensure your live plant displays are always looking their best:

  • One of our trained technicians will take total responsibility for your plants
  • They work discreetly and courteously on regular maintenance visits to ensure the plants are always looking their best
  • Should a plant begin to fail or become overgrown, it will be replaced completely free of charge

Caring for thousands of plants within the UK, you can be sure that Premier Planters have got what it takes to deliver a first class, reliable service.

Plants for Work Environments

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