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Case Study: The Increasing demand for Corporate Cabinet-top Planting

Efficient           Economical           Aesthetic           Effective           Multi-purpose


The case is a compelling one for many reasons – our customers helped reveal why our cabinet planting solutions worked for them:


  • Space Efficient – leaves your valuable floor space fully available


  • Visually Striking – being near eye-level optimises the visual impact of the planting, especially across large open plan offices


  • Prevents Unwanted Storage – cabinet tops are a magnet for unwanted items. Installing our bespoke cabinet planting system ensures that storage remains inside the cabinet, not on top of them! 


  • Screening – provides effective and attractive screening to reduce both noice and visual distraction. It has also been effectively used to create a visual barrier to confidential areas


  • Healthy working environment – the benefits of live planting to the working atmosphere are comprehensive – generating oxygen, reducing carbon dioxide, hydrating the air, cleansing airborne pollutants and volatile organic compounds


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