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How to Choose the Right Plant for Your Office

Posted on May 27, 2013 by Marketing

The benefits of office plants are innumerable: they look beautiful, boost morale and even improve air quality – it’s no wonder that plants are the top choice of office adornment. We spend more time in our offices than ever before so it’s increasingly important to provide staff with an enjoyable and engaging working environment. Carefully designed planting schemes promote creative workspaces where people feel less stressed and more enthused to work – but what plants are right for your offices? Here are some of the factors we consider when designing an interior landscaping scheme:

Space, Light and Temperatures

All 3 of these factors will affect what species of plant we recommend for your offices. Often, all 3 will vary for each location so it’s important to ascertain what will work for you. Whatever the combination, we’ll work with you, using our expertise to provide a solution that meets the need in every situation.

Subtle Species or Bold and Beautiful

Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii or Aglaonema Pseudobracteatum? It might be double-dutch to most people (it’s Latin actually) but the plants we specify are carefully selected to be in accord with your workspace. From modern and minimalist to bold and exotic, there will always be plants that can complement and enhance your corporate image.

The Purpose of Your Plants

Different species bring different benefits to your workspace. If the criteria is to create visual impact, we’ll work with striking, vibrant and even flowering plants. However, if environmental benefits are your priority, we’ll select from a range of species proven to be most effective at improving air quality. Most, however, want a perfect balance of the two and that’s where we excel


The Design Team at Premier Planters take all these factors into consideration when creating stunning office planting proposals for your consideration. View our gallery to see some recent work and be inspired by the planting projects or, to arrange a no-obligation consultation and design proposal, call us on 01444 259 659 or contact us online and ask for us to bring our expertise to you.

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