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Ecoroot™: The Future Of Sustainable Planting

Making Ecoroot the number one choice for your plants can help us all contribute to saving our environment. Ecoroot uses hydroculture technology, growing the plants in a soilless medium and thus negating the consumption of valuable natural resources.


Ecoroot™: What You Need To Know

Instead of a peat-based medium, Ecoroot uses capillary action to spread nutrients and sustain the plant. The plant is set in expanded clay granules and nutrition is received through a supply of specially formulated slow-release Folia Feed. Due to way they are grown, Ecoroot plants are typically more robust and efficient than traditional planting – resulting in more toxins cleansed from the environment, greater oxygen output and humidification – as well as looking great in any environment.thumbs_9-wit_buxus

Protecting Our Future Through Sustainability

Sophisticated composts do wonders for our plants but disturbance of our planet’s peatlands damage the wider environment. Peatlands are not only a habitat for distinctive flora and fauna, they are also a natural carbon storage system; it is estimated that the world’s peatlands contain 180 to 455 billion metric tonnes of sequestered carbon and when the land is disturbed, carbon is released into the atmosphere – damaging the Ozone layer. Ecoroot aids sustainability by eliminating the need for compost excavated from peatlands – when the environment is at stake, this is surely the sustainable choice.


When Conventional Compost Isn’t An Option

Ecoroot™ is also the perfect solution for hygiene-sensitive areas where soil-based plants are not an option. As a natural substance, soil is susceptible to moulds, fungi and insects which, although normally treatable, are a risk in certain environments such as hospitals and laboratories, Ecoroot™ plants offer an ideal hygienic solution so you can still enjoy beautiful plants without the risk of contamination.

Premier Planters are the exclusive providers of Ecoroot™. Dedicated to cutting emissions, preserving fossil fuels and our natural carbon storage, we have also recently installed a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of our offices which now generates a significant amount of our electricity.

For more information on Ecoroot™ or any of our distinctive office plants, Call Us on 01444 259 659 or get in touch online – we’ll be delighted to design the perfect interior landscaping scheme for you.

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